Raptor Recurve bow kit


Raptor Recurve Bow Set
The Raptor bow set is the perfect way to enjoy the traditional sport
of recurve archery. We have selected all the essential gear to get
started right for recreational shooting or joining the local club. The
Raptor bow has the best quality limbs in its price range from the
leading manufacturer in Korea. The bows are available in various
lengths and poundages to suit any age group from youth to adult.
Left and right hand available.

5462 Raptor Recurve Bow Set 62 inch
5468 Raptor Recurve Bow Set 68 inch

The kit contains all you need for recreational shooting or to join the club.

Kit contains;
-Wood laminate recurve bow
-6 arrows
-arm guard
-finger tab
-storage bag

Fantastic value Only $300.00

Cartel bow only $239.00