Neo Boy’s 24″ 3 speed


The latest Neo’s are the best ever – in looks and quality! Well worth coming in, even if it is just to see the best.

Four point design philosophy:
1. Designed to be safe
2. Low standover height keeps kids in control when starting and stopping.
Lower centre of gravity provides stability.
We design our frames and components to be able to adjust to fit your child as they grow.
3. Designed to perform;
In addition to the custom geometry, we’ve carefully selected a complete range of child-specific components, which is tailored to each size bike.
This ranges from narrow, lightweight handlebars with non-slip grips, to our soft, Comfortech saddles, and durable pedals.
4. Designed to be efficient;
Weight is vital in creating bikes for kids.
The lighter the bike, the easier it is to start moving, manoeuvre, and maintain speed without wasting energy.
In order to create truly lightweight kids’ bikes, we use a lightweight alloy in both the frame and fork, creating an agile and efficient foundation. But this is just the start.
We shed further weight by using alloy in our hubs, rims, handlebars and stem.
The result is a kid’s bike which is not only designed for efficiency using a weight-saving approach commonly found on adult bikes,
but also designed for fun.


Junior specific, lightweight alloy frame.
Lightweight alloy straight blade fork.
Low standover frame, allowing easy operation.
Lightweight alloy hubs, rims, handlebars and stem, reducing the overall weight of the bicycle.
Super comfortable junior specific saddle, for ultimate riding comfort.
Junior specific grips for comfort and minimized hand slippage.
Shimano 3 speed shifting for reliable shifting performance.

Was $499.00. Now $350.00