Firehawk longbow sets


Fibreglass Longbow Bow Sets;
Great recreational bows for all ages, perfect
for shooting hay bales or cardboard boxes!
Popular for camping, schools and youth
groups. Bows can be shot left or right handed
and are recommended for short range target
shooting. Each bow is supplied in a matched
package to get you started right in archery.
Set includes:
Bow, pro bow string, nocking point, hip quiver,
arm guard, instruction booklet, target and 2
timber target arrows.
(AY5410) 51” Fibreglass bow set (20 lb) Price $70.00
(AY5420) 44” Fibreglass bow set (15 lb) Price $60.00
(AY5430) 36” Fibreglass bow set (12 lb) Price $50.00