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Our Electric bicycles only cost 20c per 100km to run and are clean and green. Now you can leave the car at home. No registration or licence needed.
They feature the most efficient brushless motors and batteries available today. And unlike many, they are remarkably easy to pedal without using any power to assist you.

We offer a range of models, from budget models, to excellent quality mid-priced models, and outstanding quality premium brands. The more compact folding models are popular with nomads and for homes with limited space.

The latest Apollo Eon, with the SHIMANO STEPS mid drive motor is now in store. You can be among the first to test ride this very quiet and smooth system. For detailed specifications, go to apollobikes.com or shimano-steps.com and of course, right here.

The  Power Ped brand is a Melbourne bases company that also supplies Australia Post. Notice that they use Panasonic batteries, and have very easy to use 8 speed hub gears.

The Lekker Jordaan Ebikes are similar to the Power Ped, but even more ‘Dutch’ style. Value is exceptionally good when you conciter the large 15ah battery, and very easy 7 speed hub gears.

The Smart Motion brand are designed to a standard for New Zealand post. Notice that they have a larger battery capacity than most as standard, disc brakes, and fully accessorized.

Shogun now have men’s and unisex economy bikes available. These are well suited to around town commuters. Backed up by a substantial company with a full range of spares. Most bike shops in Australia should be able to assist if you relocate are go travelling.

Did you know that you do not have to be physically impaired, or old, or have any other excuse not to ride an Ebike? One hundred and twenty five MILLION Chinese ride them. About 30% of all bikes sold in Europe are electric. All of those riders have discovered the benefits.

As products change, the inventory shown on this web site will be updated. Search the menu on the right!

We intend to get your E bike business. If we offer the brand you want, but haven’t the model in store, please ask. And we will get it. (if available). Plus we will match or beat any other quote.

We also service the bikes that we sell.

(We will NOT be able to service Ebikes purchased elsewhere. Please contact the vendor you purchased it from)

Before you buy a product off the internet from far away, be aware that you are buying a machine that must be assembled correctly, should be of suitable quality, and it will require maintenance in the future. Your local store can offer a superior total deal.

Please come in to CUMBERLAND CYCLES, 468 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park 5041 for a test ride. You won’t believe how well they go until you do.

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