Azur Computers 15 function


There are two variants. Wired and wireless with the same functions.

– 15 functions
– Slim design
– Easy to use
– Large easy to read screen
– Back light setting
– Tool free mounting

– Current speed
– 24 hour clock
– Scan function
– Stop watch
– Trip distance
– Trip time
– Total distance
– Max speed
– Average speed
– Calories consumption
– Fat-burn measurement
– Temperature
– Speed tendency
– Maintenance reminder
– Back light
– Auto on / off

Prices; Wired $24.90. Wireless $39.50.

OnGuard Revolver X4P key and combo

8138 8140

Ultra-strong, lightweight aluminum-steel alloys
First ever COMBO X4P – X4P Quattro Bolt mechanism secures the shackle to the crossbar in four places maximizing strength to resist pulling, jacking, prying and twisting. New Steel as Strong as Titanium
More secure and more user friendly than anything else on the market
5 laser cut keys – 1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys
Micro-light key projects a bright white beam
Dimensions: 185cm
Diameter: 12mm

Price $39.50

Azur ET USB light set

aletusbls aletusbls-a

High beam – 1.5hrs
Medium beam – 2.5hrs
Normal beam – 3.6hrs
Eco beam – 8hrs
Slow flash normal – 20hrs
Slow flash medium – 4hrs
Slow flash high – 2.2hrs
Quick flash medium – 9hrs
Powerful 60 lumens (Front)  30 lumens (Rear)
8 modes: High, Medium, Normal, Eco, Slow flash normal, Slow flash medium, Slow flash high, Quick flash medium.
Side visibility for extra safety.
Adjustable angle bracket.
USB rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.
USB cable included.
Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed.
Charging indicator.
Water resistant.
Size: 75mm W 20mm H.
Quick release tool free bracket.
Press power button to switch between modes. Double Press power button to change from constant lighting to flashing mode. Press and hold the button to switch off.
Price $55.00

Emergency Helmet and Wallet ID

helmet_id_system helmet_id_system2s

The “must have” for every cyclist!

Bike safety is an issue that is close to the heart of most serious cyclists.

For example, most cyclists wear a helmet, as this simple product can make the difference between life and death in a crash!

If something serious, such as a heart attack or a crash does occur, it is essential that 2 pieces of vital information are immediately available to first responders:

• Medical information such as allergies, diabetes, epilepsy etc, as this info can literally make the difference between life and death on the side of the road.

• Emergency contact information, so that loved ones can be made aware of what has occurred and where their loved one is being taken to.

The new EMERGENCY Helmet and wallet I.D. system has been designed to attend to these issues. It speaks for you when you cannot speak for yourself!

The product works as follows:

• Step 1: Simply fill all of your medical and emergency contact details onto the included waterproof card and then insert this card into the highly reflective ID ‘sleeve’.

• Step 2: This ‘sleeve’ is then fixed to the exterior left side of your helmet using a strong, specially formulated “Helmet Safe” adhesive. The additional warning decal is fixed to the opposite side of the helmet to the “ID sleeve.”

Your vital information can then easily be accessed by emergency personnel should the need arise, without even removing your helmet!

Price only $21.50